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About Us

X-Tek is a leader in developing HDL language translation solutions. X-Tek is also expanding its EDA tool suite offerings to encompass the front-end, requirements-based design methodology. X-Tek's corporate mission is to provide innovative EDA tools for high-level ASIC/FPGA design flows.

X-Tek also provides engineering consulting/contracting services. We specialize in developing ASICs and FPGAs to DO-254 level A/B standards. Our client list includes world-class companies within the aviation and telecommunications industries.

Design Knowledge and Experience

X-Tek engineers possess decades of design experience in the aviation, computer design, semiconductor and telecom industries. This experience allows us to quickly identify your needs, comprehensively document your designs, and create your products promptly and accurately.

We work with your planners and engineers to both ensure schedule compliance as well as realize ongoing benefit in “best-practices” design, verification and documentation methods.

X-tek has a long history of providing our customers with a professionally managed quality process that meets or exceeds the rigors of quality and safety testing standards. 







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